The Week Covers Gem-Water!

The Week Covers Gem-Water!

The Week Covers Gem-Water!

The Week files Gem-Water by VitaJuwel under "For those who have everything." We see it as a biiit more of a necessity...but, ok ;) fair enough. 

Whether or not you believe in the transformative energy of crystals, there’s no denying their accessorizing potential.
— The Week Staff

Sakara Life Q&A With Anjanette from GEM-WATER

Sakara : The S Life Interview with Anjanette from Gem-Water

What a thrill to be interviewed by the lovely crew over at Sakara Life. If you're in the market for dee-lish vegan cooking delivered right to your door, check 'em out!

My mission at Gem-Water is to share with the world, one of the most beautiful ways to help your body stay hydrated. I also personally love the naturopathic and metaphysical benefits the gemstones also provide for people. For some, that’s too woo woo, but for me it’s very real.
— Anjanette Sinesio, Gem-Water

Gem-Water In WGSN INSIDER : Crystals Make their Mark

Taryn Tavella of WGSN Insider finds Gem-Water by VitaJuwel at the NY NOW Gift Show and picks up on the emergence of crystals in multiple retail sectors. We can attest to the new-found enthusiasm around the power and mysteries of gemstones somewhere at the intersection of style and spirituality.

The rising trend for spirituality and holistic wellness is starting to hit the mainstream.
— Taryn Tavella, WGSN Insider

Does Your Gem-Water Bottle Match Your Swimsuit?


Swimsuit? Check.
Sunscreen? Check.
Gem-Water Bottle? CHECK!

The good folks over at Sophisticated Living have done us the honor of featuring Gem-Water ViA Bottles by VitaJuwel in this "Have Swimsuit, Will Travel" spread. Along with VitaJuwel's Gem-Water Droplet, making an appearance are Five Elements, Balance, Wellness, and Fitness. Those sure sound like summertime aspirations to us!

Oh, btw, we'd be remiss if we didn't remind you to pack a set of LOOPS. :)


GEM-WATER is VOGUE'S Feel-Good Accessory of the Summer

GEM-WATER Vogue: Feel-Good Accessory of the summer

We're ultra thrilled for Gem-Water by VitaJuwel to be named the Feel-Good Accessory of the Summer by Zoe Ruffner at The team checked out Momentum, Love (formerly Cupid's Kiss), Fitness, and Inner Purity noting that "...with 19 options to choose’s safe to say that there’s a bottle for everyone. Bottom’s up."

Indeed! Hope you're having an awesome summer. And if it's just *meh* so far, maybe add some crystal energy to the mix!

Don't miss our new LOOPS for toting all that liquid goodness to the beach and beyond!

Forget the ubiquitous beret or a pair of covetable PVC heels. This summer, the accessory of choice looks as good on you as it is for you.

GEM-WATER's VINO VIAL by VitaJuweL Pleasantly Surprises a Wine Pro

We love Matt Kettmann's account of Anjanette's meeting with him at the Santa Barbara Independent. He paints the picture exactly how it happened—from polite skepticism all the way to intrigued delight. Thing is, tons of people have this same reaction to the way the Gem-Water Wine Collection  by VitaJuwel affects wine. Especially in the case of a young red, you'll be amazed at the results—and as Matt notes "...if you’ve got some massive wines that need immediate smoothing, it’s worth a shot. And at the very least, it’s a fun party trick." Thanks, Matt, for your time and the write up!

Santa Barbara Independent: Vitajuwel Vino Vial's Surprising Effects
...I know that, qualitatively, something happened to my cab that afternoon. So if you’ve got some massive wines that need immediate smoothing, it’s worth a shot.

Gem-Water is Right on Fashion's New Frontier


Looks like fashion has discovered the joy of basic sustenance...with flare, of course. According to the style mavens over at Accessories Magazine, being well-hydrated may be right up there with being well-heeled. We couldn't agree more ;)

...water has gone haute...
— Lauren Parker, Accessories Magazine
Gem-Water in Accessories Magazine : "Are Food & Water Fashion's Next Frontier?"

Gem-Water in Accessories Magazine : "Are Food & Water Fashion's Next Frontier?" loves Gem-Water BOTTLES FOR HELPING YOU STAY HYDRATED has your back when it comes to hydrating in style. We all go through it...trying to diligently remember how much water to drink daily is challenging. There's lots to factor in: other fluids, foods that hydrate, foods that are diuretics. No matter what, they point out that the central question is whether you have a "...super cute water bottle that works for all times of day..." Ahh, ladies after our own heart. Gem-Water VitaJuwel Water Bottles certainly fit the bill! ;)

...solution: A super cute water bottle that works for all times of day...

W Magazine Online

Zodiac Jewelry for Every Astrological Sign

W Magazine did this cool feature on astrological signs and corresponding jewelry. The extra cool thing is that Gem-Water's Diamond Water Bottle made the list! Here's a unique way to celebrate the diamond lovers in your life with April birthdays :)

Whether you’re a horoscope addict or just someone who likes to gaze at the stars, there’s a piece of jewelry with your sign on it.
— Grace Fuller, W Magazine

Gem-Water Valentine's Day Collection...a Luxurious Choice

Elite Traveler included our Gem-Water Cupid's Kiss Valentine's Day Collection in its Luxury Valentine's Gift Guide. In a list with the likes of CartierHermes, David Yurman, Bottega Veneta, Assouline, La Prarie, Vera Wang, and Krug Rose to name a few...we're thinking we're in pretty good company!

...a gift that will be savored at the most romantic time of year, and coveted for months or even years to come.
— Elite Traveler

A Valentine's Day Gift Favorite

Let's face it, another box of chocolates may not totally cut it. How about mixing up the Valentines Day routine with a Cupid's Kiss Gem-Water Bottle for your lovely one. And if you're unattached, hey, why not show yourself a little love? See Popsugar's 8 other V-Day Gifts Perfect for Pampering

Whether you’re looking to bring more love into your life, luxe up your water drinking, or turn your water bottle into some serious eye candy, this gift is ideal.
— Dominique Astorino