Gem-Water is Right on Fashion's New Frontier


Looks like fashion has discovered the joy of basic sustenance...with flare, of course. According to the style mavens over at Accessories Magazine, being well-hydrated may be right up there with being well-heeled. We couldn't agree more ;)

...water has gone haute...
— Lauren Parker, Accessories Magazine
Gem-Water in Accessories Magazine : "Are Food & Water Fashion's Next Frontier?"

Gem-Water in Accessories Magazine : "Are Food & Water Fashion's Next Frontier?" loves Gem-Water BOTTLES FOR HELPING YOU STAY HYDRATED has your back when it comes to hydrating in style. We all go through it...trying to diligently remember how much water to drink daily is challenging. There's lots to factor in: other fluids, foods that hydrate, foods that are diuretics. No matter what, they point out that the central question is whether you have a "...super cute water bottle that works for all times of day..." Ahh, ladies after our own heart. Gem-Water VitaJuwel Water Bottles certainly fit the bill! ;)

...solution: A super cute water bottle that works for all times of day...

W Magazine Online

Zodiac Jewelry for Every Astrological Sign

W Magazine did this cool feature on astrological signs and corresponding jewelry. The extra cool thing is that Gem-Water's Diamond Water Bottle made the list! Here's a unique way to celebrate the diamond lovers in your life with April birthdays :)

Whether you’re a horoscope addict or just someone who likes to gaze at the stars, there’s a piece of jewelry with your sign on it.
— Grace Fuller, W Magazine

Gem-Water Valentine's Day Collection...a Luxurious Choice

Elite Traveler included our Gem-Water Cupid's Kiss Valentine's Day Collection in its Luxury Valentine's Gift Guide. In a list with the likes of CartierHermes, David Yurman, Bottega Veneta, Assouline, La Prarie, Vera Wang, and Krug Rose to name a few...we're thinking we're in pretty good company!

...a gift that will be savored at the most romantic time of year, and coveted for months or even years to come.
— Elite Traveler

A Valentine's Day Gift Favorite

Let's face it, another box of chocolates may not totally cut it. How about mixing up the Valentines Day routine with a Cupid's Kiss Gem-Water Bottle for your lovely one. And if you're unattached, hey, why not show yourself a little love? See Popsugar's 8 other V-Day Gifts Perfect for Pampering

Whether you’re looking to bring more love into your life, luxe up your water drinking, or turn your water bottle into some serious eye candy, this gift is ideal.
— Dominique Astorino

WHAT TO GET the Jewelry Lover Who Has Everything

It's good to be able to solve those age-old problems. We couldn't agree more, National Jeweler. Who doesn't want to be on the giving OR receiving end of a fantastically unique gift?! National Jeweler is known as the must-read news source for smart jewelry professionals worldwide, from retailers to buyers to manufacturers and suppliers. And they've been at it since 1906! Wow.

File it under gifts so cool you didn’t even know you wanted one...
— NATIONAL JEWELER : Dec. 12, 2016