GEM-WATER is VOGUE'S Feel-Good Accessory of the Summer


GEM-WATER Vogue: Feel-Good Accessory of the summer

We're ultra thrilled for Gem-Water by VitaJuwel to be named the Feel-Good Accessory of the Summer by Zoe Ruffner at The team checked out Momentum, Love (formerly Cupid's Kiss), Fitness, and Inner Purity noting that "...with 19 options to choose’s safe to say that there’s a bottle for everyone. Bottom’s up."

Indeed! Hope you're having an awesome summer. And if it's just *meh* so far, maybe add some crystal energy to the mix!

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Forget the ubiquitous beret or a pair of covetable PVC heels. This summer, the accessory of choice looks as good on you as it is for you.